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Financial and Economic Department

The financial department prepares students for careers in the financial operations of business firms and public institutions. The department offers diploma courses in fields such as Accounting, Investment also has a specialized diploma program dealing in the area of International Finance and Business, giving students opportunities to find careers in the International financial arena. The up-to-date techniques and methods focuses on managing cash, dealing with inventories and analyzing investment projects. International accountancy and foreign trade it taught, thereby giving students a broader perspective and confident approach when competing in the financial and business sector.

The caliber of the department ensures that students progress in their field of study. Constant guidance and help with advanced learning tasks raises the students motivation  resulting in confident and well prepared students. Most students go on to take internships with successful companies within the financial and economic sector. Therefore the department ensures the students receive the necessary and up to date training which prepares them for the challenges in both the financial and business fields.

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